Get ready to be part of Toronto's largest summer hackathon. On August 21-23, join us and 500+ other amazing hackers online at our first digital event ever to brainstorm, develop, and demo mind-blowing projects made within 36 hours! We will be bringing you the hottest event to dive into splashing ideas, chill with the brightest tech minds, and connect with top companies from across North America.

You will be provided with all the resources, mentorship, and support to do your thing; all you need to bring is your creativity and ideas! Take a break during the weekend to attend workshops and tech talks, or speak with the mentors and representatives from our sponsoring companies.

Come code, learn, network, and end your summer the best way possible — at Hack the 6ix!

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Hack the 6ix is open to individuals invited by the organizers to participate as a result of the invitation or selection process after submitting an application at Participation in the Hackathon constitutes Participant’s full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). The term “you” refers to you, the “Participant”. Failure to abide by the regulations outlined or the associated rules may render the participant ineligible to participate or win “prizes”.


Entries are considered if and only if submitted via Devpost before the announced closing time. 


Technical complexity (e.g. number of API uses, depth of API use) and other incorporated technologies/hardware. 

DESIGN (25% Weighting)
User experience, intuitiveness, ease of use, and generally how good the submitted project looks. 

The project’s real business applications (e.g. can the proof-of-concept be expanded to create a real, marketable product to consumers). 

CREATIVITY (25% Weighting)
How unique and original the submitted project is.

Along with your submission on Devpost, you need to submit a video that demos your hack. Submissons without a video will be disqualified. The guidelines for the video are as follows:

Preliminary Judging:
Guidelines for Hack Submissions

  • Max 5 minutes in length 
    • Tell us what your hack does
    • Demo your hack
  • Guiding Questions
    • What made you want to build this hack?
    • What was the most challenging part of the hack?
    • What is your tech stack? 
    • Refer to Judging Criteria to optimize what should and should not be in the video
  • File format
    • Video must be in English
    • TeamName_HT62020
  • Where to submit?
    • Devpost - Video Link
    • Make sure your video URL is from a platform that Devpost supports (YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku). If your video is not hosted on one of these platforms, you'll receive a red error message that says, "Must be a valid YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku url."

Note: Don’t spend too much time editing the videos. Production quality of your videos won’t affect the judging (unless we absolutely can’t see or hear your video).

Video-making best practices from Devpost

If your team is willing, we'd love to see a team picture - which you can submit through file upload!

Finalist Judging
The top 6 teams from the Preliminary Judging round will present a live demo of their hack infront of a panel of judges. There the top three teams will receive prizes!

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD38,008 in prizes

First Place Winner

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 for each member of the team.

Second Place Winner

Nintendo Switch Lite for each member of the team.

Third Place Winner

Amazon Echo for each member of the team.

Autocode: Best use of Autocode

You can use Autocode to (1) power your project's API, (2) integrate with APIs like Slack, Stripe, Twilio, Airtable and more or (3) offer your own custom APIs for other people to use. Or any of the above! The most creative and effective use of Autocode will win! Prize: Nintendo Switch (1 per team member).

Microsoft: Azure Challenge

Web and mobile development can be used to make people’s lives better, help the environment, and change mindsets. What can you build using Microsoft Azure that will make the world a safer, kinder, and more inclusive place to live? In this challenge, we’d like you to use some of the technologies used here to build a web site or mobile app for social good.
Prize: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 year) and LinkedIn Premium Membership (1 year)

Geotab: Ignition Data Challenge

Use Geotab's telematics data sets in the most innovative way possible. Available datasets are in covid mobility impact (traffic analysis, congestion, fuel fillup analytics, etc.), weather information, urban infrastructure analytics (dangerous intersections, cell coverage areas, etc.), and vehicle location analytics (parking locations, fuel station metrics, idling times, etc.) Judging will take into consideration Geotab’s core principles: Productivity, Optimization, Safety,
Compliance and Expandability, Sustainability. Datasets exist on and students will need to register in advance. Prize: $200 Best Buy Gift Gard.

Intact: Insurance Hacker Challenge

The Intact Insurance hacker challenge asks participants to build truly innovative solutions applicable to the property and casualty insurance industry in areas such as customer experience, claims processing, underwriting or other challenges insurers might face. Each member of the winning team will have a choice of:
1. iPad 7th Gen 10.2 32GB
2. AirPods Pro or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
3. Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Tablet (Medium)
4. KitchenAid Classic 4.5qt Stand Mixer

Accenture: Most Innovative Use of Tech for Good

This solution addresses a current problem or pain point using “Tech for Good.” The solution showcases innovation, creativity and is fundamentally unique from existing approaches.
- Solution is clear and concise from proof of concept to final product
- Solution shows potential for monetization (business case)
- Bonus points: if new and emerging technologies are used
Prize: Herschel bags for each member

RBC: Most Innovative Solution

What kind of tools or integrations can help us work better remotely? We are looking at the following areas for judging:
- The innovative solution addresses a current problem or pain point
- The solution is distinctive or fundamentally different from existing approaches. (Original)
- The solution is explained clearly and concisely from the concept to the final product
Prize: $2000 Visa Gift Card (per team), A guaranteed interview for a co-op position at RBC, Invite to RBC virtual job shadow event.

Scotiabank: Best FinTech Hack for Young Women

This challenge is for all and the goal is to create the best FinTech tool targeted to women. Prize: $100 per team member.

echoAR: Best AR/VR application using the echoAR platform (2)

By creating a project with echoAR you will enter to win:
A $50 Amazon gift card to the winning team;
3-month free Business Tier access to each team member; and
a feature in our newsletter sent to investors and the AR/VR ecosystem.
Participants MUST use the echoAR platform as part of their project to be eligible for a reward.

1517 Fund: Most Novel Hack (2)

1517 is a venture capital firm that backs founders at the earliest stages of their careers and companies. We work with young hackers, makers, scientists, and founders working outside of tracked institutions all over the world.
Prize: $1K grant, $10K of AWS credits, and continued mentorship from our team for the most novel hack we see. Must be in undergrad or high school and interested in continuing to work on the project following the event.

MLH: Best UiPath Automation Hack

Build an automation hack using UiPath! Each winning team member will receive a UiPath/MLH Branded Backpack.

MLH: Best Domain Registered with provides all the domain services you need from registration to hosting to SSL certificates and beyond. Each hacker will receive a FREE domain name and year of domain privacy from for their project this weekend! Prize: Backpacks

MLH: Best use of Google Cloud

Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: Each winning team member will receive a Google Home Mini.

Best Design

The Hack the 6ix Design team will decide on the best designed submission, focusing on aesthetics, user experience and intuitive. Winning team gets a $200 giftcard to a location of their choosing.

Mentors' Choice

$200 in giftcards will be awarded to the team that the mentors liked the most.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Bernd Verst

Bernd Verst
Microsoft - Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

Bruno Capuano

Bruno Capuano

Jack Lee

Jack Lee

Vishal Pawar

Vishal Pawar

Ashraf Ghonaim

Ashraf Ghonaim

Ehsan Eskandarim

Ehsan Eskandarim

Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel

Max Yermakhanov

Max Yermakhanov

Frank Jiang

Frank Jiang
Intact - Senior Analyst Actuarial

Winnie Luong

Winnie Luong
Intact - Data Scientist

Yuanhui Lang

Yuanhui Lang
OTPP - Director, Analytics Platforms

PJ Mukkar

PJ Mukkar
OTPP - Business & Technical Consultant

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany Chan
Scotiabank - Data Engineer

Spencer Delaney

Spencer Delaney
Scotiabank - Solutions Engineer

Harjot Sandhar

Harjot Sandhar
RBC - Tech Lead, Ventures

Akshaya Suresh

Akshaya Suresh
Geotab - Customer Success Specialist

Canis Lobo

Canis Lobo
Geotab - Solutions Engineering, Team Lead

Maneth Kulatunge

Maneth Kulatunge
Geotab - Software Developer

John Wyeth

John Wyeth
Geotab - Embedded Systems Developer

Rodney Kelly

Rodney Kelly
Accenture - Intelligent Software Engineering Services Lead for Canada

Ari Rowland

Ari Rowland
Accenture - Canada Testing Platform Lead

Sharmine Vigneswaran

Sharmine Vigneswaran

Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
echoAR - CEO and Founder

Nick Arnett

Nick Arnett
1517 Fund - Principal

Cathy Tie

Cathy Tie

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Complexity
    Technical complexity (e.g. number of API uses, depth of API use) and other incorporated technologies/hardware (25% weighting).
  • Design
    User experience, intuitiveness, ease of use, and generally how good the submitted project looks (25% weighting).
  • Business Practicality
    The project’s real business applications (e.g. can the proof-of-concept be expanded to create a real, marketable product to consumers) (25% weighting).
  • Creativity
    How unique and original the submitted project is (25% weighting).

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